New Year Special Offer Only RM 3088 with FREE Installation!

*Normal Selling Price : RM 3388

New Year Special Offer Only RM 3088
with Free Installation!

*Normal Selling Price : RM 3388

The Distance Between The World

And Home Is Just One APP Away.

Lock Security

Unwelcome Visitors? Eye On You.

The build-in camera allows you to see what is happening at your door anytime and anywhere.

Lock Everyone

5 Year-Old Kid? Covered.

The build-in wide angle camera is designed for crystal clear 120° outdoor view.

Lock Moment

24H Standby? Anytime.

The night vision of the built-in camera allows you to see whoever rings your door bell at night. You can get a real-time notification via APP instantly.

Lock Hospitality

Friends? Come In.

Video Smart Door Lock enables the home owners to engage in conversations with their guests at the door and provide access to enter.








Super Class B
Mortise Lock

Door Bell

Smart Home

Unlock Method

1. Biometric Recognition

Peeling skin on finger, dry cracked finger or even injury on finger will not effect the finger recognition process.

<150 ms

Fast Recognition

255 Users

Total Fingerprint Users

1 Million x

Number of Press

2. Virtual Password

User defined 6-12 correct password. You can add few dummy digit before or after your password, and unlock the door as long as in between the 24 consecutive numbers is the correct password.

Guest Password Setting

You may generate a temporary password to your guest to unlock the door either for one time or for a period.

Anti-Hijack Password

Set up a separate password for anti hijack. Key in the password, at the same time, your family will receive APP alarm notice.

3. MI Fare Card

Swipe the card to open the door. Support up to 255 MI Fare card. Use the door lock to write a unique authentication code for each card.

4. Smartphone Remote Unlock

Just press on this door bell, you can remotely unlock the door through apps after you know who is next to the door from the video call.

5. Emergency Key

Come with 3 set of keys. Even when the lock is running out of battery, you still can unlock the door with key.

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Double Verification Mode

Double up your house security with the combination of two unlock method.

1. Fingerprint + Password

2. Fingerprint + Card

3. Password + Card

Auto Lock

Auto Lock after 5s (default timer), user can edit the timer to auto lock.

Lift Up Security Lock

Lift up the handle to lock the door. Keyless.

Instant Notification

Get a notification when someone open the door.

• Can recall back Fingerprint / Password / Card access history.
• Real time knows who open the door & the battery status.

* require Smart Station

Access Log

as administrator

Battery low

Log Status

Smart Home Intelligent Integration

Keep Connected With Your House.

As the center of the Smart Home System, Smart Station wirelessly connects all of the products you need to make your life simple. It lets you monitor, control and even automate your home or office environment.

* require Smart Station

Luxury Noble Gold Superloy

Based on US ASTM standard, this lock is made with Superloy.
From outlook, material and hardware detail, all come with special exclusive design.

Award Winning Design

1. 2.5D Class Glass Panel – Cover full screen panel
2. Accurate Fingerprint Recognition – Fail rate less than 0.001%
3. Superloy Handle – Comfortable Feeling

FireProof Anti-Theft Lock Body

SS304 Stainless Steel Mortise Lock Body.
Suitable for : Wooden Door / Fire Door / Security Door

Wooden Door

Security Door

Fire Door

Anti-Corrosion & Anti-Rust

The inner parts of the video door lock are build with precision and good quality materials. Long lasting.

Attractive, Yet Simple

Best Combination With Your Home Decoration.

Installation Method

1. Door Open Direction :

Below illustration is a view from outside.

2. Installation Measurement :

Based on door measurement detail, check the availability for installation.

*Caution : Door thickness must be within 40-115 mm. Please make sure that the door lock suits your door.


Night Vision:
Mortise Lock:
Unlock Method:
Fingerprint Sensor:
Passwrod length:
Power consumption:
Connection method:
Wireless Distance:

385x75x33 (exclude handle)
Can remote turn on Flashlight
24*240, 30*240, 30*388, 40*388
Fingerprint & card 255, password 30
Capacitive Sensor
6-12 digit
AA alkaline battery x 4
CoSS Protocol / Wifi (for camera)
400m (Open field)


1. Why can’t I unlock the door with the right fingerprint?

The fingerprint can’t be recognized if your finger is too wet or too dry, or either your finger or the scanner panel is not clean.

2. What do I do if my fingerprint cannot be saved to the scanner when
adding it?

Please try with your different fingers.

3. How do I know when I should change the battery?

The power consumption of this device is low. New batteries support usually lasts at least 12 months. There will be a notification on screen reads ‘Low battery’. Please replace new batteries.

4. What if the door lock is out of power, how do I get in?

Emergency key is included with the purchase, which works just as a traditional one. Or use the emergency power supply port to get access.

Installation Gallery

LifeSmart Video Smart Door Lock defines a new generation of door locks, by innovatively featuring an HD camera built in bezel-less design with a stylish finish and an emphasis on ergonomics.


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