Control Center

Nature Pad
The all-in-one smart control panel serving as a personal butler

Nature Mini
Take complete control of your home with one interface.

Smart Station X
Center of the smart home ecosystem and make all the devices work seamlessly

General Controller

Home Security

LifeSmart provides you and your family a 365 days security service with advanced home security products.

Indoor Camera
An intelligent indoor camera with motion detection, allowing you to monitor what matters, without receiving annoying false alerts.

Outdoor Camera
1080P outdoor camera with sound-light alarm to actively guard your house 24/7.

Classic Smart Lock
Supports both cable network and wireless network. Featured with snapshots and night vision.

Video Smart Lock
Ultimate LifeStyle Camera with portable wireless design, free rotation base, and new sticky notes feature.

Smart Lighting

LifeSmart lighting system lights up your living space, and adds color to your Life.

BLEND Light Switch
Replace your traditional switch to the smart one and make the lights freely controlled.

Nature Switch
Touchable switch which design your wall decor

Starry Switch
Independent power supply, perfect solution for live only wiring.

Dimmer & Motion Sensor Switch
Customized brightness adjustment, motion detection.

Dimmer Controller
In charge of light brightness and color temperature

CUBE Switch Module
Turn every single switch into a smart switch.

Smart Light Bulb
A perfect 16 million colors lighting bulb with adjustable brightness and preset modes for lighting up your home.

Smart LED Strip
Create colorful ambience for your home.

Design your own style and treat yourself with a unique lighting experience.


The whole house acts like a housekeeper, adjusts temperature, humidity,air quality and etc automatically to create a comfortable home environment.

Cube Clicker
Can be attached anywhere, one-click to change sense.

CUBE Door/Window Sensor
A-simple-to-install door/window sensor combined magnetic sensor and vibrating sensor

Cube Environment Sensor
Room Temperature monitoring with LCD screen display.

Cube Motion Sensor
Cube Motion Sensor is a compact motion sensor combined PIR technology and light detection

Motion Sensor (AAA)
Detect real time motion to trigger smart light easily.

Human Presence Sensor
Adopt microwave radar technology to sensitively detect human motion.

Gas Sensor
Monitor gas leak with real-time alarm both by sounds and notification through smart phone.

Smoke Detector

Water Leak Sensor
Easily Installed onto the wall to alarm you when there is water leak.

Shading System

Measure electricity consumption by variety of devices, automatically control different electrical appliances to make the energy saving of whole house.

Smart Curtain

Smart Roller Blind

Mins Curtain Motor Controller
Turn your traditional curtain motor into a smart one.

Curtain Controller
Remotely control curtain open/ close / pause.

Voice Control

LifeSmart work with various parties to build a perfect smart home experience.

Google Mini

Amazon Echo

Tmall Genie

Other Smart System

Smart Toilet

Smart Stair Light

Combo Smart Door Lock
Perfect Suitable for wooden door and grill door.